Nagore Dargah

The Nagore Dargah of Meeran Sahib Abdul Qadir Shahul Hamid Badshah is a spiritual shrine in South  Bay India. The Dargah is located in a small town, Nagore, in Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu, on the coast of the of Bengal. The Nagore Dargah shrines are situated at three locations, Nagore, Vanjur and Silladi. The main campus is at Nagore, spread over an area of about five acres, which is enclosed by compound wall, with four impressive entrances, one each on the north, south, east and west. In front of the western gate, just outside the compound, is a large tower, 131 feet tall, called ‘Periya Minara’.
Adjacent to the golden dome building is the ‘Peer Mandap’ where the ‘Peer of the Dargah’ stays fasting for three days during festive season of the Dargah. Further away is a mosque where prayers are held regularly. Friday congregations in this Mosque are massive. About two kilometres away due north from the main campus is the Vanjur Shrine where Meeran Sahib reportedly stayed in meditation for 40 days inside an underground cave. About a kilometre east of the main campus is located the Silladi Shrine, overlooking the Bay of Bengal.
In the history of Nagore Dargah shrines, one name that shines forth is that of SV Syed Mohammed  reprints since. Alim Sahib Washathari (1909 -1982). He claimed that he was the fifteenth generation descendent of Meeran Sahib. Pilgrims visiting the shrines regarded him as a great Peer. He organized the activities of administration and maintenance of the shrines under a registered ‘Dargah Trust’. Presently his son, V.M.Shahul Hamid Sahib Washathari, is the Khalifa -al-Qadari and his two son-in-laws are trustees. Alim Sahib Washathari has played a significant role in propagating the tales of Karamat (miraculous deeds) of Nagore Meeran Sahib. He published a Tamil book The Ocean of Mercy in 1963. The book was written by AR Syed Haja Mohideen alias Ravinder, who Hussein     works as a dialogue-writer for the Madras film industry. The Ocean of Mercy has gone for seventeen

By Air  : 

The nearest airport to Nagore is in

Trichy and is around 125 km away. Flights operate to all major cities of India.

By Rail : Nearest rail head to Nagore is at Nagappattinam,Which is just 5kms away from the holy city of Nagore. Nagappattinam is well rail connected to all major cities in india through chennai and tiruchirappalli.