Somnathpur, a tiny village on the banks of the Kaveri, 140 kms, south-west of Bangalore.”There is a stillness and everlastingness about the past, it changes not and has a touch of eternity,” wrote Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in his “Discovery of India.”

The temple of Lord Krishna on the shores of River Kaveri situated in the tiny village of Somnathpur is said to be the last and the grandest of Hoysala monuments. This Kesava Temple was built about 740 years ago in 1268 and displayed all the former riches and splendor of the Hoysala architectural style as evident in their temples at Belur and Halebid (then Dvarasamudra).

This place boasts of one of the last and the grandest of Hoysala monuments – the Kesava Temple built 740 years ago.By the year 1268 A.D., the year in which the Kesava temple at Somnathpur was built. The riches and splendour of the Hoysala court were already evident in their grand temples at Belur and Dvarasamudra (present day, Halebid).

Somnathpur’s temples adhere to the typical Hoysala style architecture where the temple is designed as a mini cosmos with scenes carved on the walls including Gods, Goddesses, dancing girls, musicians, gurus and all kinds of animals including elephants, lions, cows and monkeys.

The king not only bestowed Somnath with his largesse, but also sanctioned an annual grant of 3,000 gold coins for the temple’s upkeep and maintenance. All these facts are duly mentioned on the slab and appear as though to have happened yesterday!

The temple is an example of the grand and glorious temples built by the Hoysala rulers. The names of the sculptors are inscribed on their works, which was a common practice during the reign of the Hoysalas. This temple is as beautiful as the world-renowned Belur and Halebid temples and is worth visiting while is Mysore.

For tourists there is no accommodation facility at Somnathpur, so it is advisable to halt in Mysore and then make a trip to Somnathpur.

The summers offer warm climate with temperature ranging from 20АC to 37АC. Winters during November to February are very pleasant. The temperature range during this season is between 15АC to 30АC. Monsoons offer less rainfall. The best time to visit Somnathpur is October to March.


Bangalore airport(130 Kms) is the nearest to Somnathpur.


Mysore(60 Kms) is the nearest train station.