The Yaganti Caves, Yaganti expresses the charismatic splendor of nature which has shaped these sources of eternal beauty of Andhra Pradesh Tourism. Found at Yaganti, the Caves are a splendid assemblage of subterranean passageways evolved due to various actions and reactions of nature over a considerable span of time.

Agastya Pushkarini: It is said to be the place where the Sage Agastya took his bath and worshipped Lord Shiva. Even today, it is a mystery as to how the water comes from the bottom of the hills to this pushkarini throughout the year.

Agastya Guha (cave): This is the place where sage Agastya worshipped Lord Shiva. This cave has very steep steps.

Venkateshwara Guha (Cave): This is the cave where the damaged idol of Lord Venkateshwara, which Sage Agastya wanted to install, is present. The steps are steep but easy to climb as compared with that of Agastya Guha.

Nandi (Basavanna): there is a Stone Nandi called Basavanna at the Yaganti temple. According to Potuluri Veera Brahman, this Nandi would come alive and shout, marking the end of Kaliyuga.

Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swami Guha: This is said to be the place where Potuluri Veera Brahman wrote some of his “Kala Gyananam” (Predictions). The height of this cave is so less that one has to bend into half to enter it.

The story according to the priests is that when the sage Agastya compleated his uttara desha yatra and started dakshina desha yatra he found the beautiful and pleasent place called yaganti( Nekanti-i have seen)and thought to build a temple for Lord Venkateswara on this site . while roaming around caves one of the caves was found to have a very old statue of Lord Vishnu . After all the yagna, homa and pooja he found that the statue really contains a small defect as broken nail on the foot thumb finger. To seek an explanation he prayed to Shiva and Shiva explained that at this place which contains natural springs and nature only I can be worshipped. Then the sage Agastya asked a boon to Shiva to reside in this place for eternity with Mother Parvathi. So this place is called as Umamahesware (Uma: parvathi, Maheswara: shiva) temple. The shrine contains the statue of Shiva and Parvathi on a single stone.

Legend has it that while the Sage Agastya was performing his penance, crows disturbed him and he cursed that the crows cannot enter the place. As the crow is the Vahan for Lord Shani, it is believed that Lord Shani cannot enter this place.

Nearest airport from Yaganti is Hyderabad Airport.

Rail: Nearest Railway station from Yaganti is Kurnool Railway Station.