yelagiri hills

Yelagiri (one of the most popular hill stations in Tamilnadu) for some time to spend in its serene environment.Located at an altitude of 1, 410 m above the sea level, the climate of Yelagiri is very much pleasant almost throughout the year. During summer it is around 38 degree and gradually lowers down to minimum of 12 degree during December and January. It is this romantic
that makes Yelagiri one of the best hill stations in Tamilnadu.


punganoor lake

Punganoor Lake a small artificial lake in the town is a nice gateway for boat ride.Either choose a rowboat or a pedal boat to explore its natural charm.Another place of interest is a beautiful Mughal garden built around the lake.





yelagiri2velavan temple

Dedicated to Lord Murugan, Velvan temple is built on a hill top offering great view of the town.Come here during the months of July-August to see the temple festival.





Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Vellore

Jalagamparai falls

The gushing water falling from a great height will surely take away your breath.Enjoy a peaceful picnic with your family and friends on the banks of falls.







How to reach yelagiri station tamilnadu

» By Air: The nearest airport to Yelagiri are at Chennai and Bangalore, which are internationally connected to most cities of the world.

» By Road: From Jolarpettai, both buses and cabs are available, which regularly runs from Jolarpettai to Yelagiri. From Chennai, you can also reach to Yelagiri via road. It is just 4-5 hours drive from Chennai.

» By Rail: Jolarpettai railway junction is the closest railway station to Yelagiri. Best trains are Kovai Express, Brindavan Express and Intercity.